​A new reading experience

​A new reading experience

Can Yayinlari offers you a new reading habit in cooperation with Hellospace


Can Publications contacted us with the request to move Öykü Newspaper, which opened its doors to the world of literature in October 2016, to digital platforms. Its main ideas are a monthly digital story magazine that does not have a printed copy in newspapers or bookstores.

Stranger on the Train offers a new reading experience;

Thanks to the application, you can quickly access the story you want by searching for authors, words and tags, archive the stories you like, underline wherever you want and share them with your friends.

You can adjust the screen brightness, background color, font and size and read stories whenever and wherever you want without needing an internet connection.

Lightweight and content-oriented user interface designed (UX & UI)

While focusing on functionality, we created a simple, intuitive and usable design.

To do this, we first analyzed the user’s needs and combined these needs with Can Yayınları’s business decisions. While creating the design language, we designed a style guide based on the logo and corporate colors provided by Can Publications.

For typography, we chose Avenir Next, which is well-balanced, easy to read in large paragraphs, and looks nice in headlines. Then, we designed interface designs that are simple, easy to use and meet user needs.

Backend Improved

We chose SQL for data storage and stored the database in Amazon RDS, which provides a secure environment and flexibility in terms of service load. We made our database service connection with the Code First method using the ADO.NET Entity Framework data source. We performed Mapping operations using the Fluent Validation tool.

IOS and ANDROID Application developed

The app was developed with React Native, an open source mobile application library created by Facebook.


Finally, it met with readers in September 2019, after the necessary optimizations were made for the Apple Store and Android Market.


React Native Framework

Can Yayinlari Commentary;
“We are very happy to work with Hellospace on The Stranger on the Train” for Turkey’s first short story application. “We were very satisfied with the support we received regarding design and software.”