How Does the Project Planning Process Work?

How Does the Project Planning Process Work?

In this article, we will explain how we manage the planning processes of macro and micro-scale digital projects.


First we need to understand you, your company, your brand, your target audience and the competition. For this, we ask you a series of questions and listen to you. At this stage, we come together in an average of 2 meetings. We ask, you explain.

User Flows and Application Diagram

We determine personas, user flows and technological requirements to show you how to carry this strategy we offer to the digital environment. This strategy plan is a process that we plan step by step, depending on the needs of your brand, from the first point of contact to the last stage, such as all the stages your users go through while using the product or service (register, permissions, reading books…).


We are creating a digital product strategy. We explain this strategy to you with a presentation. We also convey what we have explained to you in writing in the form of a report after the presentation.

How long does the work take?

The above 3-stage process is completed in at least 3 weeks. Your job is very urgent, can it be done faster?


Project management

It covers the process of planning, organizing, supplying and managing resources to achieve and complete the goals and objectives of the project.